We bring your vision to LIFE


We have finally broken the barrier and can now custom design any piece of jewelry you want.

So if those generic, mass-produced engagement rings just aren’t wowing you, getting a custom engagement ring might be the way to go.

Here are some helpful tips to think about when getting a custom handmade design made specifically for you.

We can create your ring in any metal you like – gold, platinum, or silver because each ring is custom made by hand.  We are very well versed in the current metal prices and will be able to advise you on how to get the best bang for your buck.


Creating a custom-designed engagement ring has great benefits:

  • Your ring will feel inspired and creative, a pure reflection of your individual personality
  • It will reflect your interests and values
  • A truly unique design will garner attention and will be a conversation starter for years to come


  • It takes longer
  • On the low end, expect a well-thought-out design to take several days from idea to finger
  • It requires more involvement (several touch-point meetings and a good deal of collaboration) on your part
  • It’s unpredictable. You don’t get to see, touch and feel the weight of the ring until it’s finished


The Custom Design process can be done through a series of emails, sketches, photos or phone conversations. It's amazing what technology offers to allow the Custom Designing process to flow with ease.

Simply email us a picture or even a sketch and we will work with you to create your unique piece of jewelry.

  • Start the design discussion

Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a vague idea, we can help refine the design of your custom-made jewelry. You can start by emailing us a picture or web links of a piece you like. If the design doesn’t have a copyright, we can make an exact replica; Most of our customers make small tweaks even to designs they love.

  • Establish a budget
We understand that talking budget can be difficult: sometimes you can’t narrow down what you want until you know how much it will cost. For that reason, we provide pricing for different variations — gold vs. platinum and diamonds of various sizes & quality. You should never feel awkward asking us to price more options.
We will provide practical guidelines on balancing quality and price when it comes to custom-made jewelry. Up-selling & high-pressure tactics are not our style.
  • Finalize and approve the custom piece

    This is the stage where you commit – or not – to the new piece.

      • We’ll make a decision on the materials, both the metal (gold, platinum or a mix) and the stones (size & quality).
      • Sign-off on the final price. 
    • Receive your new custom-made jewelry!

    The entire process can take up to 5 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of your custom piece & number of iterations is needed to finalize the design.

    • After-sales service

    We’re not happy until you’re happy. Occasionally rings will need to be re-sized or chains shortened after delivery. These small tweaks – and more – are included in the price of your piece.