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Thank you for visiting Banvari.com! Banvari Jewelry is the premier Internet retailer for fine jewelry at the most affordable prices. We look forward to helping you celebrate your special occasions with extraordinary values on exquisite diamonds and fine jewelry. Perhaps, by now, you've shopped around, you know about the 4 C's and want the best diamond or fine jewelry for your money with a certificate to back it up. Search our diamond and jewelry inventory, and compare our prices with other sites. You will discover that we have the LOWEST price on the web. We guarantee it. 

Unlike the majority of Jewelry retailers who buy their diamonds and fine jewelry from a variety of wholesalers, distributors, and brokers, we buy virtually all our diamonds and jewelry directly from its principal shareholder and business partner. Originally we supplied to the retail trade but now, with the advent of the Internet, we have opened our doors to the public. This means you can purchase fine diamond jewelry at the same price as retail stores! Our price demonstrates how we cut past intermediaries to provide customers with a real price advantage. Prices at Banvari.com are substantially lower than traditional or other online jewelers, but we guarantee that product quality is NEVER sacrificed in the bargain. We're highly confident that you won't find a better quality diamond or piece of jewelry for a better price. Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest! 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Purchasing diamond or fine jewelry is a special experience. Banvari aims to ensure that you receive the perfect item just right for you, at the best price as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our integrity has made Banvari a success. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority because we know that a happy customer is a loyal customer. We are dedicated to bringing personal service through the web and will ensure that you receive the best diamond confidently at the best price with the minimum of fuss. 

Our jewelers use only selected top-quality stones and each piece is individually inspected by our quality experts prior to shipment, to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction upon receipt. To make your gift-giving experience even more special, each treasure comes in our specially designed signature gift box-absolutely free. 

If a diamond you are searching for is not listed on our online inventory list, feel free to call or e-mail your request. Tell us the specific characteristics or proportions your "ideal diamond" or jewelry should have. Our inventory changes daily, so we may have the diamond or jewelry you are looking for. 

Price Match

Banvari is committed to providing the highest quality diamond jewelry at the lowest possible prices, which is why we are extending a price match policy to all of our valued customers. If you find a specific diamond or a jewelry item listed at a lower price on a competitor’s website - simply contact us and provide one of our experts with the specifications. As a bonus, we will also include an expedited shipping for FREE. 

Our on-site jewelry experts do not work on commission and are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. 

Why pay more somewhere else for the same item? Please contact one of our representatives at 888-8JEWELS (888-853-9357) or by email at customerservice@banvari.com for more information.