About Us

Our company was founded by jewelry industry experts and seasoned Internet and e-commerce entrepreneurs. We are a privately held company, financed by jewelry industry leaders.  We're located in Orange County in sunny southern California.


 Banvari Jewelry


Our company headquarters in Santa Ana, California

Our focus has always been on providing a wide range of choices for mainstream jewelry customers who seek excellent value in fine jewelry. For this reason, we design and provides much of our jewelry to meet our customers' tastes and expectations for quality and style. By this, we mean that we also design to provide a personal jewelry as per customers' request. This is due to the fact that the best service and highest flexibility is our company's major commitments.

Whether it's for work or a night in the town, in denim or silk, black-tie or every-day, we have jewelry for your style. And for that special gift or the perfect engagement ring and wedding band, you must see the incredible alternatives presented to you by us.

Customer satisfaction is our aim and number one priority because we know that a happy customer is a loyal customer. By ensuring that savings go directly to you, we provide price satisfaction and make every purchase an enjoyable experience as well as a memorable one. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to write us at info@banvari.com